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Mass Tort

(Defective Medical Devices, Dangerous Medications and Consumer Products)

Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries or death as a result of dangerous or defective medical devices, prescription medication, and consumer products.  Too often, corporations wrongfully prioritize profits over consumer safety, cut corners to save money, fail to properly warn of risks, or use cheap or dangerous materials in order to reduce costs and maximize profits, all of which lead to harmful and deadly consequences for consumers.  Our attorneys are committed to holding corporations responsible and advocating for those who have been harmed. 

Prescription drug and medical device litigations can often be complex, involving hundreds or thousands of people who have suffered similar harm or injuries.  These types of litigations are often referred to as mass torts.  Although each client is represented individually in a mass tort, cases are often consolidated for the purposes of streamlining the legal and judiciary process while keeping intact each client’s individual cause of action.  If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to a defective medical device, a harmful consumer product, or a dangerous drug, contact our lawyers who have the skill, experience and resources to help pursue the compensation you deserve.